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THAI PEOPLE - Kanchanaburi

The human history of the province dates back several thousand years to the end of the last ice age around 30,000 years ago. The earliest inhabitants were stone-age people whose primitive tools and hearth debris have been found in many limestone caves around the Kwae Noi and lower Kwae Yai river valleys. Many millennia later, Lawa and Mon people inhabited the area, leaving burial sites and day-to-day utensils to bear witness to their ancient occupation. The Lawa have since disappeared but their place was taken by Karen People who began migrating from Burma to north-west, and later west, Thailand several centuries ago following the Salaween, Kwae Noi and upper Kwae Yai river valleys. Nowadays the western region's native people are Mon and Karen. Thais are the most recent settlers. Most of them came from east and central Thailand, the vast majority since the 1960s, laying claim to land that was opened up by loggers, miners and other consumers of the region's natural resources.